The city is rich in picturesque houses and monuments and the tourism is predominant. It is located about km southwest of Skopje at an elevation of meters above the sea level. Climate Ohrid has a humid subtropical climate. The warmest month is August with average temperature range of The rainiest month is November, which sees on average The summer months of June, July and August receive the least amount of rain, around 30 mm 1.

Saint Sophia, Ohrid

Background[ edit ] After Selim I ‘s successful struggle against his brothers for the throne of the Ottoman Empire, he was free to turn his attention to the internal unrest he believed was stirred up by the Shia Qizilbash , who had sided with other members of the Dynasty against him and had been semi-officially supported by Bayezid II.

Selim now feared that they would incite the population against his rule in favor of Shah Isma’il leader of the Shia Safavids , believed by some of his supporters to be descended from the Prophet. Selim secured a jurist opinion that described Isma’il and the Qizilbash as “unbelievers and heretics” enabling him to undertake extreme measures on his way eastward to pacify the country.

The Uzbek state had been recently brought to prominence by Abu ‘I-Fath Muhammad , who had fallen in battle against Isma’il only a few years before.

The preserved frescos, dating from 12th century, have secured for this church one of the most important places in the world treasury of cultural heritage. Frescoes with incredible authenticity in expressing inner drama of the characters.

Festivals for majorete teams and brass orchestras WELCOME Youth Cultural Centre and the Association of Culture and Art Models of Ohrid are non profit NGO organizations aimed at presenting the cultural achievements, cultural exchange by organizing festivals of folk dance, choral festivals,festivals for majorette teams and brass orchestra,of modern dance and theater festivals. Youth Culture Center mission is to connect different cultures from all over the world through music,dance, mutual companionship, entertainment and collaboration in joint projects.

YCC was founded in in Ohrid. Until now we implemented a number of projects and festivals. All thouse years we organized 77 Folk festivals, 24 Choral Festivals and 18 festivals for modern dance and majorette teams. Zoran Strezovski – on his rich biography, from was the director of the prestigious national cultural manifestation Ohrid Summer Festival. He is the person who brought the world famous tenor Jose Carreras in Ohrid on 12 July We built bridges from nation to nation.

There are several places in this world which simply cannot be retold. When standing in front of their monuments, the remains of the civilization of old, and the temples where you forget your identity, the only thing your intellect allows you is respect and contemplation, thinking of the things that are yet to be discovered and explored.

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It is one of the oldest lakes in the world with an estimated million years and the oldest inland water in Europe. It’s the largest lake in Macedonia, although a part belongs to Albania. It was created by a a geotectonic depression and since belongs to the UNESCO World Natural Heritage.

The oldest skeletal remains in the city of Ohrid dating from the 4th millennium BC. So it is not surprising that archaeologist sought extensively for their settlement sites. In the shallow lakeshore Bay of Bones underwater archaeologists have actually discovered traces of a prehistoric lake dwelling in the form of several thousand pile remains on the lake bed. The traces and artifacts found indicate a settlement around the transition from Bronze Age to Iron Age around BC.

On our trip along the lake towards Albania we visited the “Museum on the Water” in the “Bay of Bones” at the Gradishte peninsula. The museum on the water is a reconstruction of prehistoric dwellings, which have been built for self-protection reasons on stilts to carry a wooden layer for the huts high above the water. The archaeologist Pasko Kuzman describes the museum as a major tourist attraction that allows visitors a journey through time, which dates back to the ancient Bronze Age.

The museum is unique in the region, it was financed by the Macedonian Ministry of Culture. They the dwellers , who dwelt about Mount Pagaeum and they likewise who inhabited Lake Prasias, were not conquered by Magabazus. He sought indeed to subdue the dwellers upon the lake, but could not effect his purpose. Their manner of living is the following. Platforms supported upon tall piles stand in the middle of the lake, which are approached from the land by a single narrow bridge.

At the first the piles which bear up the platforms where fixed in their places by the whole body of the citizens, but since that time the custom which had prevailed about fixing them is this: Each has his own hut, wherein he dwells, upon one of the platforms, and each has also a trapdoor giving access to the lake beneath and their wont is to tie the baby children by the foot with a string to save them from rolling into the water.

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Names of European cities in different languages: The ancient name of the city was Lychnidos, which probably means “city of light” In antiquity the city was known under the ancient Greek: Ancient[ edit ] Distribution of cities in antiquity in the border of southern Illyria with Greeks and Thracians The earliest inhabitants of the widest Lake Ohrid region were the Enchele , an Illyrian tribe [11] and the Dassaretae , an ancient Greek tribe based further East in the region of Lynkestis.

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No other place in the country can offer you so much and yet so close to you. This place with churches is like a bridge connecting the art between Byzantine and the Renaissance period. These waters hide the history of many species, relict creatures from one of the oldest lakes in Europe.

Всичко започна през месец септември тази година (ма). Запознахме се тук в с моята половинка.

As a kid, Paris was always at the very top of my travel bucket list. At the age of 12 I was given the opportunity to travel to Europe with my best friend, Samantha, as part of a student ambassador program. Day 1 We arrived in Paris very early in the morning, so we left our luggage at the hostel and set out on foot to explore the local area: Definitely take the time to hike up the hillside or be smarter than we were and take the tram to see the Sacre Coeur Basilica. We took a stroll through the interior, then climbed the circular staircase to the top to check out the view of the city.

This was where we got our first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower; an exciting moment for both of us! After a lunch of cheese, bread, and wine eaten in the park we decided to freshen up and hop on the Metro towards the Eiffel Tower. And very windy see that selfie!? Paris is a beautiful city with many, many tree-lined streets. It makes for a great view!

The tower was even bigger than I remember it being which seriously never happens! The nearby lawn is a fun place to hang out. Sit on the grass, listen to local musicians, open yet another bottle of wine, and take in your surroundings.

Ohrid Region

A Byzantine fresco of Saint Mercurius a Christian victim of the Decian persecution , dated , from Ohrid , Macedonia In January , Decius is said to have issued one of the most remarkable Roman imperial edicts. From the numerous surviving texts from Egypt, recording the act of sacrifice, it appears that the edict itself was fairly clear: When they sacrificed they would obtain a certificate libellus recording the fact that they had complied with the order.

Potter, Decius did not try to impose the superiority of the Roman pantheon over any other gods. It is very probable that the edict was an attempt to legitimize his position and to respond to a general unease provoked by the passing of the Roman millennium. The sacrifice was “on behalf of” Latin pro the Emperor, not to the Emperor, since a living Emperor was not considered divine.

Hippodrome. The ancient Hippodrome was begun by Septimus Severus in AD and completed by Constantine the Great in AD This was the centre of Byzantine public life and the scene of splendid games and chariot races but also factional conflicts.

Z What is a patron saint? Patron saints are chosen as special protectors or guardians over areas of life. These areas can include occupations, illnesses, churches, countries, causes — anything that is important to us. The earliest records show that people and churches were named after apostles and martyrs as early as the fourth century. Recently, the popes have named patron saints but patrons can be chosen by other individuals or groups as well.

Patron saints are often chosen today because an interest, talent, or event in their lives overlaps with the special area. Angels can also be named as patron saints. A patron saint can help us when we follow the example of that saint’s life and when we ask for that saint’s intercessory prayers to God. For example, Francis of Assisi loved nature and so he is patron of ecologists.

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Bring fact-checked results to the top of your browser search. Cultural life Great effort has been invested in the support of Macedonian language and culture , not only through education but also through the theatre and other arts as well as the media of mass communication. Daily life and social customs As a result of the long presence of the Ottoman Turks in the region, the traditional cuisine of Macedonia is not only based on Balkan and Mediterranean fare but also flavoured by Turkish influences.

Macedonians also enjoy other foods that are common throughout the Balkans , including taratur yogurt with shredded cucumber and baklava. Macedonian specialties include ajvar a sauce made from sweet red peppers , tavce gravce baked beans , shopska salata a salad combining sliced cucumbers, onions , and tomatoes with soft white cheese , and selsko meso pork chops and mushrooms in brown gravy.

Macedonian popular culture is a fascinating blend of local tradition and imported influence.

Rising high on the Ohrid Hill, in the central part of the middle age fortress, Plaoshnik overlooks the blue waters of Ohrid Lake. Even today this place is shrouded with mystery, because archaeologists are still discovering artifacts dating from prehistoric periods.

It has also been the seat of the saints Kliment and Naum, who were followers of Cyril and Methodius, creators of the first Slavic alphabet. Ohrid abounds in churches, the walls of which are decorated with wonderful frescoes dating back to 11th, 13th and 19th century. Entertainment can be found in a number of events that take place during July and August. The average annual temperature of the water of Lake Ohrid was The crystal clear waters of Lake Ohrid and quality accommodation are those things in which this city attracts tourists during the summer.

Naum, which occupies the south-eastern portion of lake Ohrid, is an endless, magnificent beach, where most of hotels are positioned. Along this area, tourists can see a number of villages where women still wear traditional folk clothes, villages whose populations still lives on fishing in the old traditional fashion. Within the junction of the modern and traditional, You will be able to tast, among other local specialties, the well known and unique flavored Ohrid trout, which only inhabits the clean waters of lake Ohrid, since the time of its creation.

If you want to party until the morning hours Ohrid is definitly the place to be. From bars, clubs, even beach raves, Ohrid’s nightlife is sure to accomodate all of your party needs. All of the nightclubs are located within a short cab ride away from eachother, and taxis are cheap.

Beach Holidays in Croatia

Wireless Internet at all areas and in the room Early check-in after The Eresin Hotels Sultanahmet is not just a hotel offering personalized quality, service and comfort, but also a Boutique Class hotel in Sultanahmet with a private museum showcasing a cistern, mosaics, 49 other museum pieces of historical and architectural significance from Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine times and extraordinary discoveries dating from Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman times.

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This is the largest church preserved in Ohrid and, together with St. Sofija in Kiev, has the greatest number of frescoes, dating from the 11th and the 14th centuries, which portray rare scenes from both the Old and the New Testaments.

Ancient age[ edit ] Distribution of cities in antiquity in the border of southern Illyria with Greeks and Thracians. The earliest inhabitants of the widest Lake Ohrid region were the Enchele , an Illyrian tribe [14] and the Dassaretae , an ancient Greek tribe based further East in the region of Lynkestis. Bishops from Lychnidos participated in multiple ecumenical councils. Middle Ages[ edit ] Floor mosaic in the Poly conch Basilica. The South Slavs began to arrive in the area during the 6th century AD.

By the early 7th century it was colonized by a Slavic tribe known as the Berziti. Bulgaria conquered the city around Between and , Ohrid was the capital and stronghold of the Bulgarian Empire. The higher clergy after was almost invariably Greek, including during the period of Ottoman domination, until the abolition of the archbishopric in As an episcopal city, Ohrid was a cultural center of great importance for the Balkans.

Almost all surviving churches were built by the Byzantines and by the Bulgarians, the rest of them date back to the short time of Serbian rule during the late Middle Ages.

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History Ohrid – the city of centuries The shores of Lake Ohrid have been inhabited since prehistoric times. Archaeological findings speak of settlements form the Neolithic period the early Stone Age 6. A Neolithic settlements rich in archaeological material have been discovered dating from this period in the level part of Ohrid in its northern suburb of Dolno Trnovo. The archeological excavations dating May by the archeologist Pasko Kuzman certify that there were prehistoric pile dwellings on the lake coast in the center of Ohrid.

According to historical sources, the earliest known inhabitants of the Ohrid Lake region were Brigians and Ohrygians and Enhelians, the latter dominating for a long time. They, according to Herodotus and Apollodorus, were not Illyrians but were their closest neighbours.

Ohrid is located in the south west part of Macedonia, on the shores of the Ohrid Lake, one of the oldest lakes in the world, on an elevation of m, above the sea level. The city has around inhabitants and the majority are Christian Orthodox.

Nestled between high mountains up to 2, m and Lake Ohrid, it is not only a place of historic significance but also of outstanding natural beauty. Ohrid is the jewel in Macedonia’s crown. Understand[ edit ] Ohrid and Lake Ohrid Archaeological finds indicate that Ohrid is one of the oldest human settlements in all of Europe.

The lake itself is over three million years old. The town as we know it today was built mostly between the 7th and 19th centuries. During the Byzantine period, Ohrid became a significant cultural and economic center, serving as an episcopal center of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. Along with Preslav , it became the site of the first Slavic universities in the 9th century. At the beginning of the 11th century, Ohrid briefly became the capital of the Bulgarian Empire, ruled by Car Samuil, whose fortress still presides over the city today.

By plane[ edit ] Ohrid has an international airport: The airport is open year round but most airlines only fly during the summer, so check with your travel agent or airline for most current information. A new bus service links the airport and the city port of Ohrid. By bus[ edit ] There is a regular bus service from Bitola and Skopje. The bus from Skopje takes approximately three and a half hours.

Old scripts from Ohrid, Macedonia dating from 9th – 14th century A.D.

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