Propane for Preppers — Part Two Tanks, Valves, Regulators, and Pipes Before we move on to tanks, valves, regulators and pipes, a word about crystal meth and used propane tanks. I live in the country, near a village with one stoplight, 30 miles from Wal-Mart. Yesterday, in a house just up the road, there was an explosion that blew the front door off its hinges and the glass out of all the windows. People who make meth use propane tanks to hold ammonia. The tanks are made of steel but the fittings are made of brass. And ammonia attacks brass, cracks it, and makes it brittle. And it gives the brass fittings a distinctive blue color.

The 6 Most Insane Underdog Stories in the History of Battle

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Although the majority of the users found this device exceptional at cooling the temperature, some reviewers claimed that this portable unit released a strong chemical smell at first use. This issue happens with all new electronic appliances. Given its powerful motor, this air cooler device delivers a cool airflow that can be used for outdoors.

The item offers the possibility of using water or ace and it should be placed near an open door or window for maximum benefits. Check Price on Amazon UV and water resistant, this portable air cooler includes 4 adjustable speeds and a humidification level that enable a cold and natural breeze indoors and outdoors. Moreover, the unit provides a user-friendly electronic LED control panel and a 6 feet long power cord.

Swamp hook

If you mis-wired the motor, you would know right away, as it would probably trip the breaker. It should be a 3- speed motor. If when you turn it on and you can run it through all 3- speeds with a notice in a increase, you have not missed a step. Some of the newer units are of a higher efficency rating and do not blow as hard as the older units do.

I thought the worst of the troubles were the cheap water line hook up that blows out continually, the dented housing and the extremely noisy misalignment of the fan housing with no adjustments.

One bucket should make at least 4 2″ strips, so one sacrificed bucket will do for four swamp coolers, so going in with friends means less waste. An improvised alternative is fine, too, this is not a precision venture. OSH carries rolls sold by the foot: You only need about 13″. Two Computer cooling fans, mmx mm, 12v: Get the Scythe Kaze, the 3, rpm model, here: Find an alternate with similar specs, or use this alternative pump: It draws about milliamps.

Flexible conduit to direct cooled air: Cost and type varies. Also 8″ insulated conduit would work well. This really depends on your needs, and how you want to channel the air. If your conduit doesn’t match the shape of the fans, you need some sort of duct to funnel the air. Wood, cardboard as long as it stays dry!

Need help with replacement swamp cooler pump

Anyone have neat tricks to add, tack em on please. The key to evaporative coolers, is evaporation. This means you have to raise water to the state where it goes to a gas. Sublimation from ice to air is most desirable, but not going to happen often it the south where we have these, and is even harder to spell. But if you want to:

May 13,  · like in a window? or on the roof or what? Both are simple. window-open window, hang swamp cooler from house. roof: go get duct work, cut hole in roof, run water line and power, install duct work, bolt down unit, fill with water and turn on.

Ask Question Step 2: Materials You can’t very well build this without materials to build it with, can you? I have included the prices we paid for them in italics, as well as prices you might pay and places to get them. Ice Chest-free, had it on hand If at all possible, get one with a hinged lid. Free from a storage shed or a dumpster. We used an old 12 quart cooler, and it fit a 7 pound bag of ice.

Also, I haven’t tried it, but Ufixitautoparts sells heater cores for under 5 bucks apiece. Newegg has a nice assortment, too. Hose-free, had it in stock Ours came from an auto-parts store, but it can be found at hardware and auto-parts stores for a dollar or so for a few feet. Caulking-free, from the stock in the shop Can be found near the bilge pump, or from a hardware store. Piano hinge depending on cooler -free, in stock Only necessary if your cooler isn’t hinged.

A couple bucks at the hardware store. Inner tube piece optional -free, blown tube You may or may not need this-see step 7.

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While air conditioners use refrigeration cycles or vapor compression, evaporative coolers takes advantage of the significant drop in temperature from the transition of water to water vapor. How Evaporative Coolers Work These coolers work by pulling in hot, dry air from your room or surrounding area. That air passes through a moist pad which absorbs the heat. This causes the moisture to evaporate which cools and humidifies the air.

The Luma Comfort ECS is the best portable evaporative cooler for most bedrooms, and it doesn’t take up much space. It’s also very affordable, costing around $

In some cases, contractors may be uninsured or unlicensed. Blue Zone High skilled contractors who use a range of quality materials built to last and charge their clients fairly for their services. These contractors are licensed, insured and specialized in their work. Red Zone High skilled contractors who use proprietary quality materials and charge their clients a premium for labor and materials.

These contractors are licensed and insured but may not be specialized in their work. White Zone Low skilled contractors using cheap materials that do not last. The idea is that when water changes its form from water to gas through evaporation, it absorbs the heat from the surroundings, leaving the temperature cold. A Buckeye swamp cooler has a lot of benefits to offer. Most swamp coolers today operate using volt power which is far less than the regular air conditioner use. Second, swamp coolers are eco-friendly because they do not use refrigerants that emit greenhouse gasses.

Third, if a swamp cooler Buckeye is damaged, you will find the repair cost is cheaper. The same goes for maintenance and cleaning.

How To Make your Own Homemade Air Conditioner

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Aug 14,  · An ice chest/cooler has a double lid with a cavity. This is convenient because we can cut separate holes for the fan and heater core. On the underside of the lid, mark the outline of the heater core, then go in about a quarter inch and cut out a rectangular hole through ONLY the first layer.

Swamp Cooler Roof Installation The best time to rough in your swamp cooler wiring and water line for your new cooler is after the holes are cut through the roof and ceiling, but before the ductwork is installed. The attic will be relatively cool because of the natural ventilation of the heat exiting the roof. If the swamp cooler wiring can be done now without interfering with the ductwork installation, you will be a much happier Do-It-Yourselfer.

A degree attic with blown in insulation is not a pleasant place to be crawling around, pulling wires and water lines. The diagram to the left is a very typical rambler style one level home with a basement mechanical room. Your home may be configured differently, but you should still be able to adapt the basic wiring and water line configuration into your home. Routing Often the best route for your swamp cooler wiring and water line between mechanical room and the attic is the flue chase.

This is a very popular location for the wiring and water line, because the chase is accessible from both the basement or main level mech. Once you have roughed-in the wiring and water line to the attic, simply pull across them across the attic space to your roof jack next to the cooler. Make sure that the water line is not touching the flue. A plastic water line may melt and leak, and a copper one will rot away if touching a galvanized sheet metal flue. Do NOT install a coupling in the attic space.

Couplings are prone to leaking and will likely destroy your ceiling without notice. At the swamp cooler, the water hook-up is usually located on an exterior corner of the cooler.

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But I have had experiences with a similar machine that was powerful, and this machine is not nearly as powerful or effective compared to the one I remember, and so I did not give it five stars. Having one of these guys was a life-saver. So far, it’s been decent enough to keep. We decided to buy the commercial size machine versus the non-commercial size one for the performance. To me, performance was much more important than having a pretty machine with a remote control.

Purchase top quality, U.S. made, brass hose bibbs from Arrowhead Brass in the style that suits your application. Garden valves, sill cocks, etc.

My house is wired for them and each one will connect to the others such that an event in one room will set off the entire house. That’s nice as a protection feature, but not when they false. The experts call this a ‘nuisance alarm’. Nuisance is right; at 2: Then after ripping the offending device out of the ceiling and dropping it on something horizontal nearby, I have to go round up the dogs and convince them to come back inside. Sure, I’ve heard all the arguments about safety.

How a fire that starts in one room can trap you in the house and the earlier it’s detected, the safer one is. Fine, but don’t tell me that at 2: It’s easy to check for a fire, just sniff or check out the room in the dark. Never had a fire, but have had a few hundred false alarms. Clearly, I’m not understanding something here. In order to pass the final inspection the contractor put in ionization smoke alarms with battery backup.

All the alarms have power provided, and have a separate wire running such that they can communicate with each other. Nice setup if the devices actually worked as advertised.

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Quite the sales job Paul so why did you build it? If you know Western Washington State you know that we can take the rain for a year straight no problem but when the mercury heads past 80 degrees the apocalypse is soon to follow. I thought I might take a casual stroll this morning to our local Home Depot to see what kind of cooling options were available. There was a bare area of concrete with a tiny piece of ripped cardboard the only evidence that they carried any form of AC unit or fan.

So after a few unsuccessful calls on Craigslist I started scheming to build my own cooling unit. As you may or may not know evaporative coolers can raise the humidity level in your room hence the name swamp cooler.

Parts List: 1x 5 gal bucket (If you don’t have one, the orange Homer Buckets for $ at Home Depot work nicely); 1x 5 gal bucket lid ($1 at home depot) You may also need a “sacrificial” 5 gal bucket that will be cut into strips to use as a retainer ring to hold the pads in place.

Make sure you buy some thermostat cable, this does NOT come with any! Honestly, for an evaporative cooler thermostat, this thing is awesome It’s no Nest, that’s for sure. Rather, it’s meant to make it easier to operate your swamp cooler and give you some sort of automated control. There really aren’t many options out there, and I’m sad to see there’s nothing that will work with a smart home or even tie into your furnace control thermostat.

Still, this is the best option out there. I was replacing the typical Dial cooler switch: Installation was pretty easy — honestly the hardest part was installing that control box!

Evaporative Swamp Cooler Water Line and Float hook up Part 2

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